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Zumo Shield for Arduino
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Zumo Shield for Arduino
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Zumo Shield for Arduino
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The Zumo Shield is designed specifically to be a convenient interface between a Zumo chassis and an Arduino Uno or Leonardo.  The shield mounts directly to the chassis, connecting to its battery terminals and motors, and the Arduino plugs into the shield’s male header pins, face down.  The shield provides all the electronics necessary to power the motors and includes some additional fun components for making a more interesting robot.

With the Zumo Shield and an Arduino, the Zumo chassis becomes a low-profile, Arduino-controlled tracked robot that is less than 10 cm on each side (small enough to qualify for Mini-Sumo competitions).  It works with a variety of micro metal gearmotors to allow for a customizable combination of torque and speed, and a stainless steel sumo blade is available for applications that involve pushing around other objects.  Arduino libraries and sample sketches are available for quickly getting a Zumo robot up and running.

Note that soldering is required; please see the user’s guide for detailed assembly instructions. 



  • Integrated DRV8835 dual motor drivers capable of delivering enough current for two high-power (HP) micro metal gearmotors. 
  • Piezo buzzer for playing simple sounds and music.  The buzzer is controlled by one of the Arduino’s PWM outputs, so the tones can be generated in the background without taking up a lot of processing power.
  • Integrated LSM303DLHC 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer that can be used to detect impacts.  The compass gets a lot of interference from the motors, batteries, PCB, and its surroundings, so it is not generally useful for precision navigation, but we have found that with proper calibration, it can be used for rough orientation measuring in many environments.
  • Optional user pushbutton on pin 12.
  • 7.5 V boost regulator for powering the Arduino from the Zumo’s 4 AA batteries.
  • Convenient access to Arduino I/O lines, the pin 13 user LED, and the Arduino reset line via the shield.
  • General-purpose prototyping areas and an expansion area at the front for connecting additional sensors (it is easy to add up to five QTR sensors for edge detection or line following).
  • Compatible with the Arduino Uno R3 and Arduino Leonardo, and can also be used with older Arduinos that have the same form factor, like the Duemilanove.



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Zumo shield mounts onto an assembled Zumo chassis

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