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The Adafruit Metro Starter Pack is easy to use and hacker friendly and this is the perfect beginner kit for learning how to use the Adafruit Metro!


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Adafruit ARDX - v1.3 Experimentation Kit for Arduino (Uno R3)
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Adafruit ARDX - v1.3 Experimentation Kit for Arduino (Uno R3)
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Adafruit ARDX - v1.3 Experimentation Kit for Arduino (Uno R3)
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This kit includes all the pieces needed to complete 11 different circuits, along with a experimenter's guide booklet & breadboard layout sheets. Basically everything you need to be playing within minutes of its arrival. No soldering required! 


  • 13 circuits to explore microcontroller basics. Covering LEDs, transistors, motors, integrated circuits, pushbuttons, variable resistors, photo resistors, temperature sensors & relays.
  • Comes with an Arduino Uno R3.
  • Printed copy of the Arduino Experimenter's.
  • Each circuit includes a layout sheet, eliminating guesswork when it comes to component placement.
  • Fully open source, meaning you can download and print additional circuit sheets, or download the component files and make your own circuits.

Kit includes:

  •  Arduino UNO R3
  • Half breadboard
  • acrylic holder
  • 65 Piece Jumper Wire Bundle
  • Full color printed 32 page Experimenter's Guide
  • 13 color Breadboard Layout Sheets
  • USB Cable
  • 9V battery clip
  • Loads of components
  • 5mm diffused tri-color (RGB) LED (x1)
  • Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) for detecting touch and squeezing.
  • 5mm Red LEDs (x10)
  • 5mm Green LEDs (x10)
  • 10mm Blue LED (x1)
  • Toy DC Motor (x1)
  • Mini Servo Motor (x1)
  • 8-Bit Shift Register (74HC595) (x1)
  • Piezo Element (x1)
  • Pushbuttons (x2)
  • Potentiometer (10k) (x1)
  • Photo Resistor (x1)
  • Temperature Sensor (TMP36) (x1)
  • Relay (5v DPDT) (x1)
  • Transistors (P2N2222A) (x2)
  • Resistors (560 Ohm x25, 2.2k Ohm x3, 10k Ohm x3)
  • Diodes (1N4001) (x2) 

No soldering required. We recommend this kit for beginners ages 10 and up.


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Great kit for getting started with microprocessors and electronics.

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