Wi-Pi Raspberry Pi Wifi Module
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Wi-Pi Raspberry Pi Wifi Module
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Wi-Pi Raspberry Pi Wifi Module
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Wi-Pi is a high performance, cost effective WLAN USB module which connects the Raspberry Pi to a Wi-Fi local area network. Wi-Pi uses the latest 802.11n Wireless Technology. Wi-Pi also supports wireless roaming, ensuring a more consistent wireless connection to a wireless access point. Wi-Pi uses the latest international wireless CCA air channel detection technology, enhancing wireless performance.

 WI -PI can only be used with Debian 6.0 or higher version of operating system. If you are running Debian based Raspbian “Wheezy” operating system already has Wi-Pi’s drivers’ built in, so the process of downloading the driver and installing it is not necessary.


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  • Wi-Pi USB module



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Wi-Pi is a high performance WLAN USB module for the popular 
Raspberry Pi.  (802.11n)

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