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Esduino12C128 with USB Interface
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Esduino12C128 with USB Interface
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Esduino12C128 with USB Interface
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Esduino12C128-UR features:

  • 9S12C128 microcontroller
    • up to 24 MHz bus speed (with PLL enabled)
    • 128K flash and 4K RAM
  • jumper-selectable mapping of Arduino-defined PWM pins. This lets you choose the source for these pins in your application.
  • two additional analog-to-digital channels available (PAD06 and PAD07), which can also function as digital inputs or outputs
  • two additional digital I/O pins brought out (PM0 & PM1), which can be used for CAN interface, if desired
  • SPI pins also brought out to a single connector, for use with SPI peripherals, such as ShiftBrite and soon-to-be-announced products
  • on-board USB interface retrofit provides 5V to power all circuitry (poly-fuse protected)
  • external power jacks (barrel and 2-pin Molex) to accommodate alternative power source when USB not connected (e.g. batteries)
  • on-board 5V and 3V regulators supply all circuitry, and also power any application shields that you plug in
  • fully compatible with free nqBASIC programming language
  • compatible with all other 9S12 programming environments (CodeWarrior, AsmIDE, Eclipse, etc.)


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Esduino12 is an Arduino-style board based on a 9S12C 

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