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Pololu USB AVR Programmer
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Pololu USB AVR Programmer
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Pololu USB AVR Programmer
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General AVR ISP Programmer
The Pololu USB AVR Programmer is an extremely compact, low-cost in-system programmer (ISP) for Atmel’s AVR mirocontrollers, which makes this device an attractive programming solution for AVR-based controllers like Pololu Orangutan robot controllers. The USB AVR programmer connects to your computer’s USB port via an included USB A to mini-B cable and communicates with your programming software, such as AVR Studio or AVRDUDE, through a virtual COM port using the AVRISPV2/STK500 protocol. The programmer connects to your target device via an included 6-pin ISP programming cable (the older, 10-pin ISP connections are not directly supported, but it’s easy to create or purchase a 6-pin-to-10-pin ISP adapter).

Supported Microcontrollers
The programmer should work with all AVRs that can be programmed by an AVR ISP, but it has not been tested on all devices (it has been tested with all Orangutan robot controllers and the 3pi Robot). The programmer features upgradable firmware, allowing updates for future devices. It does not currently work with Atmel’s XMega line of microcontrollers.

The programmer is powered by the 5V USB power bus, and it is intended for programming AVRs that are running at close to 5 V (note that the programmer does not deliver power to the target device). You can use it to program AVRs running at lower voltages if you use voltage dividers to decrease the voltage of the programmer’s output pins to a level that is safe for your microcontroller.

Supported Operating Systems
The programmer has been tested under Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Linux. It is not compatible with any version of Mac OS. Please see our original Orangutan USB programmer if you need something that can work with the Mac OS (we don’t support Mac operation, but other users have used it successfully).

Note: This programmer supports standard in-system programming (ISP), which is also sometimes called in-circuit serial programming (ICSP). It does not support JTAG, DebugWire, or High-Voltage programming, and it does not support the Mac OS at this time.

In Stock: 2
Pololu USB AVR Programmer

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