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Competition Gear Motor A (Gobbit motor)
Robot Competition Motor - low cost servo replacement (Gobbit motor)
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Competition Gear Motor B
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Competition Gear Motor B
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Competition Gear Motor B
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This precision Gear Motor is a perfect replacement for high pricest hobby servos.  Similar to motors used in popular robotics toys such as the Parallax Scribbler and RoboSapian.

This motor has both the torque and speed to help you win your next sumo or line following competition.

Gear Motor Specs 


  • 24 rpm at 3 vdc
  • 46 in-oz torque
  • 224:1 Gear Box
  • Motor 3-6 VDC
  • 50 mA, 600 mA stall
  • Motor 5,500 RPM Unloaded
  • 7mm double-flat output shaft
  • 2.17" x 1.89" x".906"
  • 55mm x 48mm x 23mm


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Competition Wheel (Add $3.49)
Competition Gear Motor Hub (Add $1.25)
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Robot Competition Motor - low cost servo replacement

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