Miniature Lightweight Camera 200mW
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Miniature Lightweight Camera 200mW
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Miniature Lightweight Camera 200mW
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Description: This small, mountable 1.2GHz camera needs only an 8V supply or a 9V battery for operation.  The camera connects to any device that has an RCA input (TVs, video cards, etc.). Power up the camera, tune the receiver a bit and you'll be looking at a live color image with sound of whatever the camera is pointing at.

Package Includes: Camera, power adapters for camera (8V) and receiver (9V), RCA cable, antenna, receiver, and 9V connector for camera.


  • Color NTSC (North America)
  • Mono Audio Transmission
  • Resolution : 380 Lines
  • Illumination : 1.5Lux at F1.2
  • Power Output : 200mW
  • Camera: 85mA using a 9V battery
  • Receiver: 220mA using a 9V adapter
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Miniature Lightweight Wireless Camera

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