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Servo/Sensor/Motor Interface Board for NanoCore12D
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Servo/Sensor/Motor Interface Board for NanoCore12D
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Servo/Sensor/Motor Interface Board for NanoCore12D
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We have crammed all kinds of robot interface features into this board! Support for Ultrasonic and IR distance sensors, hobby servos, motor driving, audio input/output, more!


  • four analog sensor connectors-- works great with Sharp GP2D120 IR distance-measuring sensors (available in Components/Sensors category)
  • six connectors for hobby servos
  • one 9-pin serial port connector
  • two connectors for Devantech SRF04 Analog Ultrasonic Ranger
  • separate 6 Volt regulator for servos
  • separate 5 Volt regulator for analog sensors
  • battery voltage monitoring (up to 20volts)
  • audio transducer
  • microphone so your robot can detect sound
  • dual high-current H-bridges (4A continuous, 6A peak)
  • convenient pluggable terminal blocks for motor and power connections
  • includes convenient solderless breadboard
  • same mounting hole locations as NanoCore12 School Board (compatible with most hobby robot bases)
  • requires 32-pin NanoCore module (NC12DXC32 or M68MOD912C32)-- not included
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Servo/Sensor/Motor Interface Board for NanoCore12DX

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