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Accelerometer ADXL213AE +/-1.2g
Accelerometer SF-ADXL213AE +/-1.2g
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Accelerometer ADXL202JE +/-2g
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Accelerometer ADXL202JE +/-2g
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Accelerometer ADXL202JE +/-2g
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Breakout board for the Analog Devices accelerometers in the E8 package. The ADXL is a solid state MEMS accelerometer with digital PWM or Analog output. The ADXL can measure both static and dynamic acceleration. This means the ADXL is suited well for sensing tilt (used in many Glove / Air Mouse applications) and for sensing brute acceleration (rocketry and general motion sensing applications).

Some ADXL sensors output Analog, some sensors output both Analog and PWM. Please refer to the current datasheet for your selected sensor for more information. PWM can be easier to interface to using very simple microcontrollers. Analog output sensor require a microcontroller that has an analog to digital converter (ADC).

Board comes fully assembled and tested with selected sensor, 0.1uF filtering capacitors, and 1MOhm pulse width resistor (where required).

Installed Sensor: ADXL202 +/-2g (PWM and Analog)

Dimensions: 18x18 mm (0.70x0.70")


In Stock: 1
Accelerometer ADXL202JE +/-2g

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