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MicroCore-11 32K Starter Package
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MicroCore-11 32K Starter Package
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MicroCore-11 32K Starter Package
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  • MicroCore-11 module with 68HC11E0CFN2:
    • ultra-compact 2" x 2" board
    • 32K EEPROM
    • 32K RAM
    • surface-mount chips for low-profile, high-density design
    • 8-channel 8-bit analog-to-digital converter
    • all PORT A lines available (pulse accumulator, input captures, output compares)
    • four PORT D lines available (SPI)
    • all PORT E lines available (8 analog/digital inputs)
    • 8 MHz crystal standard
    • 5V low-dropout regulator
    • USB Interface
    • reset circuit and pushbutton
    • all available port lines/interrupts/reset brought out to versatile 26-pin header
    • convenient switches for RUN/LOAD and WRITE PROTECT (EEPROM)
    • easy s-record loading using any standard 68HC11 loader (eg. MicroLoad, ICC11, JBUG11, etc.)
    • modular design, with versatile connector options offers all the same configuration possibilities as Adapt11
    • prototyping board, backplane, and motor driver boards available
    • programmable in Assembler, BASIC, C
    • demo program pre-loaded into EEPROM
  • MicroCore-11 User's Guide
  • hardcopy full schematics, pinout, and dimensional drawings
  • free CD with utilities, documentation, software, and examples.
  • full schematic, pinout and dimensional drawing
  • USB Cable
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RS232 (DB9) Option (Add $5.00)
MicroCore-11 Backplane (Add $9.95)
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HC11 processor with 'C', Basic, 32K ram, 32k eeprom software 
example disk.

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