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Dinsmore 1525 Analog Hall Effect Sensor (Compass)
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Dinsmore 1525 Analog Hall Effect Sensor (Compass)
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Dinsmore 1525 Analog Hall Effect Sensor (Compass)
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1525 Dinsmore Analog Compass Sensor

This sensor provides a ratiometric output on two channels. The outputs swing from 2.9v to 2.1v in a sine/cosine fashion. It will return to the indicated direction from a 90 degree displacement in approximately 2.5 seconds with no overswing.


Power 5-volts DC @ 19 ma. Since rise time is only 90 nanoseconds, input current may be pulsed to save power.
Outputs Dual analog channels, 2.5v ± 0.4v swing (total voltage swing rail to rail, aprox. .75v), 4ma DC signal. May feed direct to A-D front end of microprocessor.
Weight 2.25 grams
Size 12.7 mm diameter, 16 mm tall
Pins 3 pins on 2 sides on .050 centers
Temp -20 to +85 degrees C




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Dinsmore 1525 Analog Compass Sensor

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