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MC TI SN754410 1 Amp Motor Driver Board
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MC TI SN754410 1 Amp Motor Driver Board
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MC TI SN754410 1 Amp Motor Driver Board
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  • 2" x 2" standard MicroCore-11 form factor
  • Based on dual H-bridge chip plus logic
  • High-current (1 Amp per channel)
  • Drives two DC motors or one stepper motor
  • Cascadable-- add a second board for two more drivers
  • Wire two channels in parallel for double the drive current
  • Four MCU output lines control enable and direction of current through each H-bridge
  • Jumperable port pin assignments
  • LED direction indicators
  • separate connector for motor supply voltage (up to 24V)
  • on-board 5V regulator can power all logic and MicroCore-11
  • Grid of plated-through holes on 0.1" centers for prototyping


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Plugs into Hc11 MC backplane, Drive two dc motors, 1 amp per channel or 1 Stepper Motor

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