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HC11 MC processor with backplane
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  • HC11 processor 32K ram, 32k EEPROM

  • (22) programmable I/O lines

  • (3) programmable interrupts

  • Counter/Timer

  • Eight 8 bit analog - digital converter channels

  • EEPROM software data protection switch

  • Expandable backplane, will hold up to four cards.  Has 26 pin cable header.

  • PC programming software including Basic, 'C' and Monitor

  • Serial Cable

  • HC11 manual

  • Small Size, each card is only 5cm x 5cm

  • No EPROM burner or additional hardware required to program!

  • New 1 amp, dual channel motor driver plugs directly into backplane (sold separately)

HC11 processor with 'C', Basic, 32K ram, 32k eeprom software 
example disk.

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