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Max '96 Robot Base (16in x 16in)
The MAX 96 mobile base platform for the robotics hobbyist or researchers is now shipping.
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Max '96 / Rex 16 Round Additional Deck
16in diameter mobile robot deck


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Max '96 Round Robot Base (16in diameter)
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Max '96 Round Robot Base (16in diameter)
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Max '96 Round Robot Base (16in diameter)
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Max Round 96 Specs: 

  • Two Decks with 10 inch brackets (set of 4)
  • Each deck base is 16 inches in diameter (40cm).
  • The base has dual 12 volt 20in-lb torque drive motors (The Max speed is 39 feet per minute under full load).
  • The drive wheels are six inches (15 cm) in diameter.
  • Each caster wheel is three inches (7.5 cm) in diameter.
  • The base is balanced with two casters.
  • The maximum recommended payload is 35 lbs. (13.6 kgs.).
  • Documentation:

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Additional Decks
10 " Deck Mounting Brackets (Add $64.95)
5 " Deck Mounting Brackets (Add $37.95)
In Stock: 988
Mobile Robot Base - 16 in diameter, dual caster

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