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Zagros Robot Starter Kit - Gobbit Version 2
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Gobbit Blank Deck
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Gobbit Blank Deck
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Gobbit Blank Deck
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Blank stackable deck for the Gobbit chassis Version 2.  The panel comes pre-drilled with matching six-hole pattern to the chassis’ top deck. Use the included threaded standoffs with machine screws to add a single deck.  Additional decks can be added with standoffs and long set screws (sold seperately).


The deck is made from lightweight 6mm thick expanded PVC material.  It can easily be cut and drilled with standard wood working hand or power tools and techniques.  It can also be cemented to other PVC panels and/or standard hardware store PVC plumbing fittings and piping with standard plumbing PVC cement.   


The design, material, and fabrication are all made in the USA.


Package Includes:

  • (1) GBT-303-2  Blank Deck
  • (2) Pack of (2) 0.25" x 2.25" Aluminum Hex Standoffs with (4)#4-40 Machine Screws



  • 6mm (0.236") thick expanded PVC
  • Length x Width: 7.125" x 5.063" (181 x 128.6 mm)
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Blank stackable deck for the Gobbit chassis.  Includes standoffs with machine screws for adding a single deck.

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