Raspberry Pi OS 64bit Installation

Raspberry Pi OS 64 Bit Installation


This labnote was last updated on 12/24/2020

Note the 32 bit version is the standard installation. 

At this time the 64 bit version is in BETA. 

Raspberry Pi OS 64 bit installation instructions can be found here:



Two components are required to install the Raspberry Pi OS

  • Raspberry Pi Imager
  • Rasbperry Pi OS image





Both items can be downloaded from the Raspberry Pi website

Raspberry Pi Imager can be found here:


Raspberry Pi OS 64bit (BETA) can be found here:



Raspberry PI OS 64bit discussion can be found here



This discussion includes some of the issue with the 64bit version.



After installation of the Raspberry Pi Imager

Start the application

Raspberry Pi SD card Imager


Select Choose OS

Custom OS Selection options

Scroll down and select Use custom


Select the Raspberry Pi OS download

Imager Choose SD selection


Select Choose SD

Imager SD card selection options

Select the SD card.  


Confirm you have not selected other devices you do not want to erase.


Select Write

Imager select Write SD

Now wait…  this take a little while... get a cup of coffee... call you mom....


Imager SD card image complete

Now just pop the SD card in your Raspberry Pi 3 or Raspberry Pi 4 and boot up and go through the setup procedure.


Raspberry Pi OS 64bit desktop







Raspberry Pi OS 64bit Installation

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