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Scoutbotics Fall 2017

2017 Fall Scoutbotics

On Saturday, October 28th, 2017 The Greater St. Louis Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America held the fall Scoutbotics Event. This event was held at St. Louis University Parks College. 32 Scouts and others participated in the beginning event. 13 competitors returned for the advanced competition. The event was facilitated by volunteers included three young ladies from the Kirkwood high school FIRST Robotics teams 6207 and 6215.  In addition to Zagros Robotics, the event was sponsered by Primal Engineering, United Scrap and the VWR Foundation.  In addition to Boyscouts, anyone ages 11 to 17 was allowed to attend and compete.

New robot builders spent the morning assembling their robots

 Boy Scouts building their Gobbit robots

Once the kits are put together, the competitors programmed and tested.

 Boy Scouts programming Gobbit robots

The beginning competition involved completing a line course in the quickest time possible.

The returning competitors competed in the advanced bracket. The challenge was to program the robot to navigate a grid and pass over way points for points.  Then stop at the final location.


As the competition progressed, segments of the grid would be removed to make it more challenging.

Boy Scouts testing their robots

The beginner competition allowed each robot to run the line course twice with the top 4 teams in each heat advancing to the finals.

Boy Scouts line following competition

The advanced competition run each robot twice with the top 4 point scores advancing.

Boy Scouts line following competition

 Boy Scouts line following competition

No competition is complete without the awards ceremony.

 Boy Scouts line following award ceremony

If you are interested in setting up a robotics workshop and competition for your organization contact us at for more information.


Scoutbotics 2017 Fall event hosted by the Boy Scouts of America at St. Louis University in St. Louis, MO

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