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Featured Project
Raspberry Pi with Speaker and Microphon

This project walks through the steps we followed to get the AI framework PyTorch to run on a Raspberry Pi 4 

Robowaiter 4 - IBM Watson Version

Robowaiter 4 – IBM Watson Version



Zagros Robotics' Robowaiter 4


This project is based on the TJBot project IBM Watson example. While we thought it was neat to build a cute little desktop stationary robot, we thought using Watson to control an actual mobile robot would be more fun.


You can find instructions for the basic robot at:


This original TJBot software example was modified to allow it to control our Robowaiter.  


IBM’s Watson provides the following functions:

  • Speech Recognition
  • Watson Conversation
  • Text to Speech 


We added some code to send and receive serial information from the Arduino UNO compatible board.  The Arduino is used to control the motors and drive the sonar unit.  


We also expanded the conversation in Watson to recognize and respond to additional commands such as "move forward", "turn left" and "serve the customer".


Watson Commands for Robowaiter

Watson Commands for Robowaiter 4


Robowaiter 4 uses a sonar unit in front to detect objects and either stop or turn based on range.  This allows the robot to navigate most rooms with only minor crashes.


Sonar Unit in Robotwaiter 4

Sonar Unit in the Base of Robowaiter 4


This automated waiter uses USB speakers and a USB webcam (for the microphone) to receive and respond to commands.


USB Speakers and Webcam for Communication

USB Speaker and Webcam for Communication


The base is a combination of the REX 14 Mobile Robot Base and a custom Zagros Robotics body.


REX Mobile 14 Base

REX 14 Mobile Robot Base with Custom Body


Project Components


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