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Featured Project
Raspberry Pi with Speaker and Microphon

This project walks through the steps we followed to get the AI framework PyTorch to run on a Raspberry Pi 4 

2017 Robot and Technology Expo

2017 Robot and Technology Expo


Robot Expo Flyer

2017 Robot & Technology Expo



Zagros Robotics once again participated in the Annual Robot & Technology Expo at Mineral Area College in Farmington, MO in 2017.



Preparing for Competition

Preparing for Competition



The 2017 Robot and Technology Expo was an opportunity for youth to demonstrate their knowledge, celebrate their accomplishments and interact with others who share their interest in robotics and programming.



 2017 Expo Overview Expo Competitions

2017 Robot & Technology Expo


The event consisted of several competitions including:



VEX Challenge Event 

2017 VEX Competitors

VEX Challenge Event



Robofest Competition 


2017 Robofest Challengers

 Robofest Robot Challenge and Events



SCRATCH competition Scratch Programming Competition


 LEGO Building

 LEGO Competition

 LEGO Building Competition



There were exhibitors, a record number of teams and a new Children's Technology Playground area with hands-on activities and awesome robots, including:




The Watercolor Bot




a little robot programmed by placing pegs in a board, no screen or reading required.  


Zagros and Minecraft 

Zagros Robotics’ exhibit of Raspberry Pi computers:

a crowd pleaser as competitors and spectators alike enjoyed playing games, especially Minecraft!



Once again the United States Army brought Military Bots! This year they showed off the Talon Robot. The Talon Robot is used in the detection, reduction and removal of Improvised Explosive Devices and other hazards. Talon robots have been used in multiple missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and at home.



US Army Talon Robot 

US Army's Talon Robot


Other exhibitors included :



HAB Education 

HAB Education's High Altitude Balloon education program


Arch Reactor

Arch Reactor's, St. Louis’ largest hackerspace, 3-D printer and project examples


Boeing VR 

Boeing's amazing Virtual Reality experience



HTE Automation Technologies' unique examples of modern industrial automation solutions



This annual event is a great way to get involved with robotics and programming as well as stay abreast of the latest technological offerings locally and nationally!





4H Robot & Technology Expo 2017

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