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Basic Max Control C# Example

Basic c# Robot Control Example

This example c# application demonstrates how to use a PC serial port to send simple commands to a mobile robot.



  • Microsoft Visual c# 2010 
  • Mobile Robot running a Zagros Robotics example program

The example application is very simple, with very little error trapping.

To use the example program you must first open the serial port.  The example program is set to COM5 at a baud rate of 57600. 

If the serial port opens correctly and is connected to a robot, you can then use the buttons to control the robot movements.

Pressing the Forward button will send an "f" to the robot via the serial port.

The commands are as follows:

  • Forward = "f"
  • Back = "b"
  • Left = "l"
  • Right = "r"
  • Stop = "s"

C# Project Source Code

Adruino Example Program




Basic c# robot control example

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