Bob 2012

Bob - A Custom Mobile Robot Base

Bob is a new mobile robot base prototype which was laser cut and bent out of 1/8" aluminum.

The base features:

  • Dual 12vdc drive motors with encoders
  • Single or Double rear caster mounting positions
  • 10" or 5" Deck Riser brackets.
  • Aluminum decks with pre-cut switch mounting holes and wireway.
  • Two 12vdc 7 amp-hr rechargable batteries.
  • Power Distribution Board
  • Arduino MEGA 2560
  • Ardumoto Motor Driver
  • BlueSmirf bluetooth modem

The design was developed and modeled entirely in Solidworks. 

Solidworks model showing the interior layout

Bob - 1 Out For a Test Run.

During inital testing, the robot was controlled via bluetooth modem and a smartphone running Android.

The base with the standard REX drive motors is rated to run at about 50ft per minute.

After attempting to work with the electronics tucked down in the front of the base near the motors, they were moved up above the casters where they could be more easily reached.

A prototype board was added in place of the solderless breadboard.  The prototype board has a handy socket to plug a BlueSMiRF bluetooth modem into.

Video of Bob during load testing



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Custom Aluminum Mobile Robot Base Developed in Solidworks.

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