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Simple Android Robot Remote Control

If you are interested in a simple tool to develop simple applications for your Android phone or tablet, check out App Inventor ( This allows you to "draw" your interface and the develop your program using a simple block programming language.

We whipped up a simple bluetooth remote control for a small Arduino controlled robot.

The remote control application will allow you to connect to a device paired to your phone then send some basic robot control commands. It will also display the response from the robot.

The basic commands are:

forward = 'f'
backward ='b'
left = 'l'
right = 'r'
stop ='s'

Here is a screen shot of the user interface:


Here is a screen shot of the block program development tool:

The source code is avail. for download here:

The robot used to test the remote control was based on the Tracked Arduino Bundle and a BlueSmirf Bluetooth modem:

Arduino Program can be found here

Basic Motor Control Example - Motor Control 09192010

Use at your own risk and enjoy.


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