512 Optic Pulse Encoder Tips

512 Pulse Encoder set up suggestions

The 512 optics included with all the Max kits require a 5 volt, DC power supply. Do not exceed 5 vdc or you will destroy the device.A simple and quick power supply can be created with a 7805 voltage regulator. This device can easily be inserted into a solderless breadboard or soldered into a prototyping board. No other devices are required, but an electrolytic filter cap is suggested (1000 uF will do).All of the parts are available at Radio Shack. The bias resistors (pictured below) should also be installed with the 7805. Each encoder will require (2) 220 ohms resistors and (1) 10K ohm resistors. Both encoders can be supplied using a single 7805 and capacitor.
encoder.jpg (7444 bytes)
The optic can be mounted on top of the drive motor gearboxes using electrical tap The included patterns should be glued to the wheel. The distance between the optic and the pattern is critical and can be delicate to setup.
ENCWHEEL.JPG (31225 bytes)

Economical AOL CD Encoders

One of our customers send in some photos of some cool pulse encoder patterns created using AOL CDs as reflectors. Using these CDs as reflectors makes the distance between the optic and the wheel less critical and will save a lot of set up time. Use a hole saw to cut out the middle of the CD.A hole saw is a drill attachment which allows you to cut large holes in material. You will easily find a cheap set of hole saws at your local hardware store. The white portions of the pattern disks are cut out, then glue the remaining pattern to the AOL CD (which is free!).

cdencod.jpg (26601 bytes)

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