University of Surrey Mobile Robot Platform (Max 96 in action)


University of Surrey Mobile Robot Platform

The UoS-Mob1 (University of Surrey Mobile Robot Platform), which was developed with the Max 97 base. The robot performs indoor propagation radio measurements, and calculates its position based on odometry techniques.

Project Abstract: (Autonomous Navigation and Positioning for Indoor Wireless Measurements using Mobile Robots" Zavala A.  2004.)

Personal Wireless Communications have experienced a tremendous growth in the last decade.  In indoor scenarios, such as underground stations or buildings, the signal received at the mobile propagates in a different way than in outdoor environments.  Therefore, measurement techniques used in outdoor cells cannot be used indoors, especially when determining the position of the mobile test equipment.  Alternative methods of navigation and positioning are required for specific indoor measurement campaigns.  Three mobile robot platforms have been developed to improve the accuracy of characterisation of the indoor propagation channel. The aim of each system is to provide an accurate mechanism for determining relative position within acceptable error bounds, depending on the specific characteristics of the measurement campaign and especially where other methods of positioning are not available. This paper describes each of the robots developed, emphasis in the penetration that robotics has had in the wireless mobile communication industry, as a useful and affordable tool to improve propagation measurement techniques.

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