A cool robot by Bill Clingan

A Robot by Bill Clingan

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  • This robot features (3) Sonars with 1 uS resolution each using 16 bit up counters to measure the echo time returned. Each counter can be read through a 16 bit port. One 8 bit down counter that controls the sonar inhibit circuit for all three sonars at a 1 uS resolution which allows the sonars to detect objects down to 4 inches away. This also allows all three sonars to be activated at the same time without any processor intervention.

  • One degree resolution Vector 2X compass with hardware circuit that will keep a port register updated with the latest bearing. Again this eliminates all processor involvement to obtain the data from the compass.

  • Used thirty magnets on each wheel with a hal-effect transistor to keep track of wheel movement. Each signal is feed into a 8 bit down counter that controls each wheel. This eliminates the slow rise time problems associated with photo-transistors. The hall-effect transistor is mounted on one of the nuts that mounts the motor to the frame.

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  • Has a NE555 timer circuit when enabled that allows for a slower motor movement. This allows me to have two motor speed (Fast / Slow).

  • Two infrared proximity detectors in front of each wheel to detect objects that are not detected by the sonars.

  • Two 6 volt batteries used in kids cars they ride in, to form 12 volts and allow ample run time.

  • 386 processor running at 25 MHz with 16 MEG of non-volatile storage and 512 Kbytes of ram. Battery backup clock calendar chip. 34 Parallel I/O lines, etc.......
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