A Rex Project

REX 386 Test Robot

This robot is used to test new hardware designs and new software.

rex386a.jpg (30923 bytes)

This robot features a 386 processor with 1 meg or ram/rom, 16 megs of Disk on a Chip storage space, and an RF modem with the HC11 MC backplane. This robot can be also be controlled by the HC11 MC by simply plugging the processor board into the backplane and unpluging or powering down the 386 processor board. This feature allows 386 and HC11 software and hardware to be tested on one robot.

wpe1.jpg (55963 bytes)

To communicate the with robot, Hyper Terminal is used. The 386 runs a version of DOS. Borland Turbo 'C' was used to write the software. Looks for the new Sonar/Encoder driver board to be added soon!

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