Vac'nStein Mobile Robot Vacuum cleaner project


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Zaggy was been converted into a robotic vacuum cleaner one weekend.  At first the new Zaggy was going to be called Zaggy-Vac, but the robot turned out so ugly it had to be called....Vac'nStein.

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Vac'nStein is based on a Max 99, a cordless hand vacuum and a shop vac.  The robot uses the Devantech compass and an AOL encoder for navigation.  Two Devantech I2C range finders are mounted in front to avoid walls and objects.

The large waste receptacle is easy to empty and can hold a lot of dirt.  The long vacuum head can reach under the couch.   Vac'nSteins first job was to clean up the mess made on the floor during it's construction.

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