MaxJourner II

MaxJourner II

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  • Max 99 Mobile Robot Kit
  • Max 99 Extra Deck
  • Atom 24 Pin Module
  • OWI Arm Trainer
  • OWI Arm Trainer PC Interface
  • Ming Remote Control Wireless Camera and Monitor

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All components for this project are available from Zagros Robotics.

Maxjourner II is a remote controlled robot with an attached Arm and a wireless camera.  Manual commands or preprogrammed sequences can be sent from a laptop anywhere in the house. 

The remote control is attached to the laptop parallel port and uses 4 digital bits to send up to 16 different commands to the mobile robot.The robot has a Basic Micro Inc. Atom processor on board to control both the mobile robot base and the arm.   The robot has five base movement commands (Forward, Back, Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Stop) and ten arm commands (Base CW, Base CCW, Shoulder up, Shoulder down, Elbow up, Elbow down, Wrist CW, Wrist CCW, Grip Open, Grip Close).

This robot was constructed for robotics workshops and demonstrations.

Look for a web controlled version in the future.

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