Visual Basic Laptop Example

Laptop Visual Basic Program Example

This example Visual Basic application provides and user friendly user interface for a robot.


This application is just and example and guaranteed to have problems and bugs. It is also guaranteed to not meet any particular purpose...use at your own risk.

Laptop application takes advantage of the following hardware:

  • Max 96 Round Base
  • Hc11 MC Processor
  • MC Motor Driver
  • (2) SRF08 Range Finders
  • Devantech Compass Module
  • Max CORE software (HC11)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (Laptop)
  • Microphone (for speech recognition)  
  • Logitech Camera

This example also use the Microsoft Speech SDK and Roborealm Vision System.

RoboRealm® - a powerful robotic vision based application for use in machine vision, image analysis, and image processing systems. Using an easy to use point and click interface complex image analysis and robot control becomes easy! (Ideal for a laptop based robot!)


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