LapMax v2.0

This robot was built to take advantage of the processing power of a Laptop or Desktop computer for higher level processing and an HC11 for the lower level control of the robot. This robot features speech recognition made possible by the laptop computer. The speech recognition was demonstrated at the Missouri Area Robotics Society meeting in May.

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(A sad MAX in the corner)

LapMax has the following hardware/software:

This robot on board HC11 controls the speed (PWM) of the drive motors, keeps track of the encoder count and controls the sensors. Any other embedded processor could be used same purpose like Basic Atom, Basic Stamp or OOPic. The HC11 is running the CORE application. The CORE software provides a large library of standard commands the lower level robot control routines.

Most of the PC control software is written in Microsoft Visual Basic version 6.0. The main screen allows for manual control of the robot, recorded mission files and automatic communication with the robot. The CORE provides automatic updates to the laptop on the current encoder count, compass heading and sonar ranges.

When the robot does carry a laptop on board, the MAX program is usually running. This program takes advantage of the laptops Pentium 4 to provide a speech synthesizer and speech recognition. The face changes expression as the robot wanders around the room and spouts words of wisdom as various situations are encountered.

The MAX program also provides a log option. The log will record various information as the robot wanders around the room including sonar ranges, encoder count and compass heading. This data could be used in conjunction with Neural Lab to provides an Artificial Intelligence solution to various navigation problems.

The New Core features MAX BASIC scripting for mission commands. The MAX BASIC interpreter allows complicated script commands to be loaded in to the HC11 memory. The script can be executed over and over again. The scripts can use standard basic commands like GOSUB, RETURN, GOTO and IF THEN. The purpose of this script language is to allow new mission commands to be loaded into the robot without reloading the firmware which makes tweeking the robots behavior much quick. This script language also allows the robot to be programmed without using 'C' or assembly language, but Basic.

Laptop Based Mobile Robot

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