Jetson Nano Getting Started

Jetson Nano Getting Started Notes

page last updated on 1/4/2021

Notes Based on Getting started page from NVIDIA

These notes are ideal for somebody that is familiar with the Raspberry Pi and should be used in conjuntion with the NVIDIA documentation.

SD Card Creation

After downloading the image. 

Used the Raspberry Pi Imager to write the SD card image which can be found here:


Raspberry Pi imager


Select “Use custom” and select JETSON NANO SD CARD IMAGE file and the target SD card.


Raspberry Pi Imager Complete



Configure the operating system

Power up board with the new SD card

Jetson Nano Initial boot up

Follow the configuration step prompts

Select your language...

Language Selection

Select your timezone...

Timezone Selection

Configure your user account...

User Account Configuration

The operating system is ready to go...

Jetson Nano Initial login


Install the "Hello World" example

(this setup is without Docker)

We installed and built the “Hello World” project per the instruction found here:


Command summary:

Run from the command prompt -


  1. sudo apt-get update
  2. sudo apt-get install git cmake libpython3-dev python3-numpy
  3. get clone –recursive
  4. cd jetson-inference
  5. mkdir build
  6. cd build
  7. cmake ../
  8. make -j$(nproc)
  9. sudo make install
  10. sudo ldconfig

Some step details...

during the "cmake ../" command the following prompts will allow some selections..

Select models to download, we left the defaults and selected "OK"

Jetson Nano Hello World model selection

Select PyTorch for installation.  This is unselected by default...


Jetson Nano Hello World Installation PyTorch Selection


Select PyTorch, then "OK"


Jetson Nano PyTorch Installation

This step takes a while...

PyTorch Installation complete


Next execute the Make command

Jetson Nano Hello World "Make" command


Jetson Nano Make Command Complete


Next run the "sudo make install" command

Jetson Nano sudo make install, Hello World Installation

Finally execute the "sudo ldconfig" command

Jetson Nano Hello World install sudo ldconfig

Confirm PyTorch is up and running...

Jetson Nano PyTorch Test

Start python3 (python (2) will not work)

import torch   (imports the PyTorch library)

x=torch.rand(5,4) (creates a tensor with random values)

print(x)  (prints the tensor)


The basic PyTorch XOR example should also run.  

Jetson Nano running the PyTorch XOR example

Jetson Nano PyTorch example complete

You should have a basic Jetson Nano system up and running.














Jetson Nano Getting Started notes

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