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Max/Rex Motor Mounting Bracket version J
Max/Rex Motor Mounting Bracket - version J
In Stock: 12

Zumo Chassis Kit (without motors)
Zumo Chassis Kit without motors
In Stock: 4

Picaxe Robot - BOT120
The BOT120 PICAXE 20x2 Microbot is a simple to assemble kit that uses a unique design which requires no soldering of wires to build and/or reconfigure a versatile robot.
$74.95  $69.95

Magician Robot Chassis  (Original)
The Magician Chassis is the latest low cost robot platform from Dagu. (Blue!) - Item has been replaced by a new version

Rover 5 Tracked Chassis
Rover 5 Tracked Chassis
In Stock: 3

RP-5 Tracked Chassis - Wide Deck
RP-5 Tracked Chassis - Wide Deck 6.8" x 5.0" (17.2 x 12.7 cm)

Wild Thumper 6WD all terrain robot chassis
This rugged, 6-wheel-drive chassis from Dagu Electronics is designed to excel at traversing rough terrain and steep inclines.
In Stock: 1

Max 14 Round Robot Base (14in diameter)
Mobile Robot Base 14in diameter(35.5 cm).
In Stock: 997

Max 14 Square Robot Base (14in x 14in)
Mobile Robot Base 14" x 14" (35.5 cm x 35.5 cm).
In Stock: 1000

Pololu Round Robot Chassis (Blue) Kit
Pololu Round Robot Chassis (Blue)Kit
In Stock: 3

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