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Rover 5 Tracked Chassis
Rover 5 Tracked Chassis
Sabertooth 2x32 : $119.99
Dimension Engineering Sabertooth 2x32 is a dual channel motor driver capable of supplying 32 amps to two motors, with peak currents up to 64 amps per motor.
Sabertooth 2x32
Pixy2 : $59.95  $54.95
Pixy2 is a vision sensor for Robotics and other vision applications including object detection and line following.
Great kit for getting started with microprocessors and electronics.
Adafruit MetroX Classic Kit - Experimentation Kit for Metro 328
The Adafruit Metro Starter Pack is easy to use and hacker friendly and this is the perfect beginner kit for learning how to use the Adafruit Metro!
Adafruit Metro Starter Pack
Raspberry Pi 3 - Model A+ : $24.95  $23.95
The Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+. This is the latest generation of single-board computers from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
Raspberry Pi 3 - Model A+
micro:bit Board : $15.95
The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that lets you get creative with digital technology.
micro:bit Board
Small Three-Layer Circular Robotics Chassis kit with motors.
Three Layer Circular Robot Chassis Kit
The AIY Voice Kit from Google is a standalone voice recognition powered virtual assistant for your Raspberry Pi 3
Google AIY Voice Kit for Raspberry Pi
Dimension Engineering SyRen 10A single, 10 amp regenerative Motor Driver.
SyRen 10A Regenerative Motor Driver
Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B+ : $34.94  $33.95
The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. This is the latest generation of single-board computers from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. (Please limit to 10 units per order)
Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B+
Featured Project
Raspberry Pi with Speaker and Microphon

With Watson Conversation you can create chat boxes, or program a robot to follow speech commands.  


Danforth Center Raspberry Pi Jam 2018

2018 Raspberry Pi Jam 2018

Hosted by The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

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