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(a round max 96 with sonar unit)


mobile robot bases

rex - our most popular mobile robot platform for advanced research and professional applications.  the rex platforms come in 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch diameter or square.  this platform features hp heds a06 encoders on each drive wheel.

max 99 - round mobile robot platform 12in (30cm) in diameter, turns on a dime and give 10 cents change.

max 96- mobile robot platform 16in x 16in (45cm x 45 cm) with dual drive motors and dual casters.

round max 96 - mobile robot platform (45cm)16in in diameter with dual drive motors and dual casters

max 97- mobile robot platform 12in x 12in (30cm x 30cm) ideal for portable computer control

max 98 "mighty max" - this mobile robot base will carry payload up to 300lbs and 24in diameter


mobile robot controllers

microcore hc11 system - hc11 processor with 'c', basic, 32k ram, 32k eeprom software example disk.  easy to hook up terminal strip for i/o and power connections.  includes expandable back plane with two open slots.  new motor driver also fits into backplane!  comes with basic and 'c'!

eyebot mobile robot controller - 25mhz 68332 processor with 1 meg memory and a vision system.  this is our most powerful mobile robot controller.

basic atom - simlar to a basic stamp, a very good low cost option for a mobile robot controller.


mobile robot sensors

srf04 - ultrasonic range finder - this is one of the most popular sensors for mobile robotics today.  will detect objects up to 6 ft away.

srf08 - ultrasonic range finder - this is similar to the srf04, but does include a light sensor and uses the very popular i2c bus to communicate. will detect objects up to 6 ft away.

devantech compass module - this will allow a mobile robot to determine which direction it is currently facing.  (1 degree of accuracy)

digital hall effect sensor - make a simple 8 position compass for you mobile robot.  requires 5vdc.

analog hall effect sensor - make a 360 degree compass by interpreting the two analog sin/cos curves produced by this device.  require 5vdc.

polaroid 6500 sonar  - detect objects up to 35ft (10m) away.   easy to interface with a pc parallel port or hc11 based embedded controller..

sharp gp2d02 ranging optical sensor - detect object up to 80 cm away.

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