Google Assistant for Raspberry Pi 3

Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi 3


You can now create your very own assistant with the Raspberry Pi 3.  Want to know the elevation of Mt. Kilimanjaro? The meaning of onomatopoeia?  The score of your local sports team?  Ask your Pi!  Turn your Pi into an encyclopedia of knowledge with the installation of Google Assistant.


Raspberry Pi Google Assistant

Pi as a Google Assistant Setup

You will need the following components:



Once your Pi 3 is hooked up to a monitor and an internet connection is established, browse to the Google Assistant site on the Pi monitor itself.  (This will make the process of copying and downloading code much simpler.)*  



When you reach step #4 under "Configure a Developer Project and Account Settings" Download or copy the json file to the downloads folder and skip the "Run" command at the bottom.  Proceed to the next section to "Test"  or skip that section as well and proceed to "Configure and Run the Sample".





Skip Step in Google Assistant Setup



Step to Skip




           To paste into the Terminal on Pi:  Ctrl+Shift+V

If audio is too quiet type this command into terminal:   amixer set PCM -- 100%

How to set up Google Assistant on the Raspberry Pi 3.

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