Raspberry Pi Thin Client

Raspberry Pi Thin Client Notes

The Raspberry Pi is very easy to use as a thin client. 


  • Raspberry Pi  
  • Ethernet Connection (Wired or Wireless)


rdesktop is the Linux application we use the facilite the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocal) connection to our terminal server.

rdesktop is not normally installed on the Raspberry Pi Debian SD Cards.  Use the following commnd to load it:

sudo apt-get install rdesktop

Once rdesktop is installed you are ready to connect to your terminal server.

Use the following command to start an RDP session:

rdesktop -f -u administrator

RDP Login

-f will start the session full screen (drop this command if you want to view other windows)

-u allows you to specify the user that will login. is the server address.


Now you should be ready to use your Raspberry Pi as a cheap and easy to use thin client:


SCADA / MES Thin Client Dev Client


 Here we are using our Raspberry Pi as a SCADA/MES development client.

Using Raspberry Pi Remote Desktop Protocal (RDP) session as a thin client.

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