Groucho - D. Jay Newman's Linux Mobile Robot


A Robot By D. Jay Newman

Groucho was featured in Jay's book Linux Robotics - Programming Smarter Robots

Groucho Components:

  • Zagros Robotics REX 14C Round base w/Globe motors (300 in-oz) and encoders; plus three extra decks The base and decks are 14 inches in diameter.
  • An iBase 890c Pentium M Mini-ITX board with a Pentium M 755 (2.0 GHz), 1 GB RAM, and a 40 GB laptop hard drive. This system runs Gentoo Linux. I got this system from Logic Supply. One thing I like about this board is that it can run from any power from 12V to 19V. haven't tested the limits yet, though.
  • (16) Devantech SRF08 I2C sonar units.
  • Devantech compass
  • Sharp I/R Rangers
  • Linksys wireless card
  • Thereminvision
  • Video: a Logitech Orbit webcam. It pans, it tilts, and it looks cool.
  • Two 12 V 12 amp-hour SLA batteries
  • Programming: mostly in Java. I plan on a hybred reactive/ANN architecture with a ROBIN control network.

Groucho - Fully Loaded

2nd Deck - Processor and Harddrive

Lower Deck - Batteries and Power Distribution Terminal Strips

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