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Wall Adapter Power Supply - 5.1V DC 2.5A (USB Micro-B)
This wall adapter is perfect for the Raspberry Pi 3’s power requirements
In Stock: 4

5vdc DIN Rail Power Supply for Raspberry Pi
DIN Rail Power Supplies 15W 5V 3A. Perfect for the Raspberry Pi.
In Stock: 3

Romi-Motor Driver and Power Distribution Board
Motor driver and power distribution board designed specifically for the Romi chassis is a convenient way to drive the chassis’s motors and power the rest of the electronics that make up your robot.
In Stock: 2

Romi Chassis - Power Distribution Board
This power distribution board is designed specifically for the Romi chassis as a convenient way to access the chassis’s battery power and pass that on the rest of the electronics that make up your robot.
In Stock: 2

AC Power Adapter
AC Power Adapter - 12VDC/500mA
In Stock: 6

Negatron DC-DC Converter
Negatron is a buck-boost converter that takes a positive voltage and turns it into a negative voltage that you can use with amplifier circuits and more.
In Stock: 5

Large Solar Panel - 3.5W
Large Solar Cell - 8x4.4", 6v, 615mA
In Stock: 1

AA Battery Holder (6 Cell)
In Stock: 26

Raspberry PI USB Power Supply
AC to DC convertor, 1A, micro-usb
In Stock: 23

AA Battery Holder (2 Cell) with Switch
Hold (2) AA Batteries, includes on/off switch and cover.
In Stock: 6

Batteries, Battery Holders, Solar, Etc.

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