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MC33887 5A Motor Driver Carrier (Closeout)
An easy way to use the MC33887 DC motor driver with a 5-28 V operating range, current output up to 5 A (2.5 A continuous), and extra features such as current sensing and over-current protection, the 33887 is an excellent general-purpose motor driver.
In Stock: 3

Parallax Board of Education Development Board - USB Version
Parallax Board of Education Development Board - USB Version
In Stock: 3

Redbot Kit (Closeout)
The RedBot Kit is a low cost, robotic development platform.
In Stock: 1

Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield Kit v2 (Closeout)
Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for the Arduino Kit
$19.95  $17.95
In Stock: 2

Parallax Board of Education (BOE) Shield
Parallax Board of Education Shield for Arduino
In Stock: 5

IOIO for Android (Closeout)
The IOIO (pronounced "yo-yo") is a board specially designed to provide IO for your Android device.
$49.95  $29.95
In Stock: 1

Line Tracking Snail Kit
In Stock: 2

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